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  Humanisec: About Us & Our Employee Data Security Training Mission

As a former intelligence officer and defense contractor, our founder, Doug Shields, understands information security.

He also founded a Web development and hosting company in 1995, when the Web was truly in its infancy, so he also understands the evolution of Internet technology, and the corresponding security issues we all now face.

At his last company, Secure Network Technologies, he quickly discovered that, while defensive technology against hackers has been improving over the past decade, they still had a 100% success rate in breaking into company networks via its employees.

They would do this through "social engineering," where they would manipulate the trust and friendliness of employees to gain access to proprietary or sensitive information. (Examples include planting thumb drives, phishing attacks, tailgating into the building, social media manipulation, etc...)

Many of his customers asked for training to fix this growing security hole, so Doug has taken his decades of knowledge and experience, and founded HumaniSec, with one grand but simply stated goal:

To secure the human network.