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Employee training is now integral to corporate data security.
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  The Best Data Security Solution: Secure The Human Perimeter

If you have already come to understand the concept that knowledgeable employees are an integral piece of your corporate data security plan, it’s also quite likely that, more often than not, you also find yourself struggling to get there.

In most companies, employees have already signed off on a stack of employee handbooks and manuals, and they may have even taken some kind of security training along the way, but unfortunately these measures have proven to be largely ineffective. While signing a manual and checking a box works particularly well in enforcing compliance standards after the fact, they too often do little to proactively modify employee behavior before problems occur. This is especially true where pivotal matters of security are concerned.

This is where Humanisec solutions depart from typical, traditional training programs. Virtually all of our training materials have been built upon a singular goal:

Modify Employee Behavior… Immediately. Effectively. Permanently.

To accomplish this each of our customized training modules begins with a short, professionally produced video, which dramatically and entertainingly depicts the “anatomy of an attack.” This process of showing rather than telling employees how breaches actually occur is at the heart of our success. This simple but elegant shift in focus not only makes traditionally dry, largely technical material more interesting, but also effectively paints employees into the action, which —most importantly— creates those proverbial light bulb moments (“That could’ve been me!”), that truly and profoundly impact employees’ awareness and behavior.

In other words (as an example), we won’t just explain what a thumb drive is, how it’s used, and how it could be potentially dangerous. No, we’ll show them a thumb drive being used in an actual, social engineering attack. Once your employees grasp this larger picture, rest assured, they will quickly connect the dots between real threats and their potentially devastating consequences. Contrast this to the notional idea of signing off on some dry training manual, half its contents skipped, the other half likely misunderstood, and well… the difference is clear.

All of our training materials are also customized to include your official corporate security policies and procedures to reinforce the message you have already delivered, and are designed to reside safely on your existing network in an effective, interactive series of brief (approx. 15 minute) presentations that can reach all of your employees in a cost-effective and timely fashion.

Once approved, customized programs can then be quickly deployed, including a quiz at the end of each module to ensure knowledge transfer, and to cover any compliance requirements. Quiz data is particularly useful, not only in terms of ensuring our program’s effectiveness, but also in fine tuning our training to precisely target specific business verticals or employee groups; effectively identifying potential blind spots before they find your employees.

Current modules now address all relevant security topics, such as: Removable Media (endpoint), Social Media, Phone, Email, and Physical Security, among others. And we can also perform (and highly recommend), annual reassessments, which can include additional simulated attacks on your network, as well as refresher courses. These added, ongoing steps definitely help to ensure that, not only is the message being received and understaood by your employees, but also that, well... they've learned to stay on their toes.

Bottom line: Your data is increasingly at risk. Your people are now the target. We can fix that.