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Introduction: Our Employee Data Security Training Story - Distilled
Introducing Humanisec: Our Story Distilled
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  Introducing Humanisec: Our Security Training Story Distilled

Technology giant CISCO estimates the cost of the average data breach at $6 million. This includes almost $2 million for technical countermeasures to prevent another attack. But even they admit that the application of technical fixes is not enough and actively recommend training your rank and file employees to not only detect, but avert, current and future threats to your data security. This is even more important now that the criminals are focusing heavily on social engineering tactics and new technologies such as social media and smart phones. (In just one recent LinkedIn scam, over $100 million was drained from U.S. bank accounts according to the FBI.)

For a fraction of the cost of cleaning up a breach, Humanisec can teach your employees to recognize and defend against these attacks. Even better, Humanisec can perform simulated attacks on your network, and then roll the actual results into your presentation. This makes the presentation “real” to your employees, and not just another generic training exercise, which they may hurriedly click through, ignore, or quickly forget.

Our custom training programs are designed to reside safely on your existing network in an effective, interactive series of brief (approx. 15 minute) presentations that can reach all of your employees in a cost-effective and timely fashion. All base modules start with a short, professionally produced video, which dramatically depicts the anatomy of an attack. Current modules address all relevant security topics, such as: Removable Media (endpoint), Social Media, Phone, Email, and Physical Security, among others.

All of our training materials are customized to include your corporate security policies and procedures to reinforce the message you have already delivered. Upon approval, customized programs can then be quickly deployed, including a quiz at the end of each module to ensure knowledge transfer, and to cover any compliance requirements. We can also perform, and highly recommend, annual reassessments, which can include additional simulated attacks, and/or refresher courses to ensure that the message has been received, and to keep employees on their toes.

Bottom line: Your data is increasingly at risk. Your people are now the target. We can fix that.